Halldór Bjarki Arnarson (1992) started having music lessons as a young boy in Iceland, both on the french horn and the piano. He completed his first Bachelor’s degree at the Hannover Academy of Music in 2016 with the horn as his major under the guidance of Markus Maskuniitty. Having been introduced to historical keyboard instruments during his studies in Hannover by Zvi Meniker, Halldór decided to switch paths and pursue a career on the Harpsichord. That became his subject for a second Bachelor’s degree, which he received from the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague in the summer of 2020. His main instructors were Patrick Ayrton and Fabio Bonizzoni.

Halldór enjoys wandering into a variety of musical directions. He is a member of the Icelandic folk group Spilmenn Ríkínís and a reputable jazz pianist. His compositions include everything from electronic pop to a elaborate symphonic works. Halldór has received scholarships from the Emil Thóroddsen and Karl Sighvatsson Memorial funds.

Halldór performs regularly all across continental Europe and Iceland with early music ensembles, big and small. He plays various keyboard instruments as well as modern and natural horn… and a lucky listener might hear him sing the occasional air. Since September 2020, Halldór has been registered in a harpsichord Master-Program at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis.